Sky Lanterns

Also known as Khoom Fay or Chinese lanterns, it is considered good luck in many cultures to release these at special events. When launched at night they provide a stunning sight that can be seen for miles around! They can sometimes be used instead of fireworks at venues that do not allow fireworks.

Launched on their own or before a firework display, a number of lanterns drifting away is a truly magical experience for any event. Two or three let off by the bride and groom earlier in the evening, also makes for an ideal photo opportunity for the rest of the guests. As with Chinese tradition we encourage the guests to write good luck messages on the lanterns before launching and they can be involved in the launching of them if weather conditions are suitable.

Our Khoom Fay lanterns are available in a number of shapes and colours, flameproof with non-smoulder fuel cells. They are also fully biodegradable and wire free (as required by many venues).

Discounts available if booked with a firework display.

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